The Job Talk

In his entertaining and humorous conversational style, author and multi-small business owner Darrell Doepke shares with you the process of recruiting and hiring new employees from a small business owner’s perspective, so that you can better understand how and why hiring decisions are made, and how your teenaged son or daughter can gain an advantage over other candidates battling for the same job.

It’s a weeding-out process, and your teen needs to know how to survive it.

From his own 20-plus years of experience as well as his associations with a myriad other small business owners, Doepke provides valuable and essential guidance that would otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. He covers such topics as:

  • helping them find their own personal point of differentiation
  • job application mistakes
  • verbal skills
  • social media cautions
  • tattoo and piercing considerations
  • phone and email screening techniques
  • 20 questions your teen should be prepared to answer

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