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Thank you for your interest in our book! We hope that you will find The Job Talk entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

You could say that author Darrell Doepke has been gathering the content for this book his entire life. We hope that his knowledge and experience can help teens become more prepared to take that important first leap into the working world.

In addition to his own career’s worth of “blood, sweat and tears,” it also took quite a bit of time, energy and creativity for the author to organize all of his words of wisdom into a document that is easy to read and understand. We ask that you respect the value of his hard work by not copying, sharing or in any way reproducing the book for anyone else without our permission. Even though the book is protected under Copyright laws, we still count on readers like you to do the right thing and honor those rights.

What we would LOVE for you to do is read it, enjoy it, apply it– and then tell others within your circle of contacts all about it!

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